Our Team

In September 2014, we self-published “Road to the Red zone”, after realizing that the traditional publishing houses didn't want to take any risk with it.

In order to differentiate ourselves, we aim for high end quality.

In order to achieve this goal, we hired 12 specialized professionals and selected the best craftsmen in France.


Selecting the materials

We think that a book must materialize the passion it defends. We make a drastic selection of the materials used, as for the textures and finishing touches.

This is necessary to completely involve the reader. His book must be considered as a collection item.

We work with the highest skilled printers in France.

Raison detre

Realizing our dream: building our publishing house

Our book has been printed and sold at 2090 units within a year. We did exactly the book we wanted, which satisfied all enthusiasts.

In January 2019, we gave the last book to Hirotoshi Honda himself.

But this couldn't be the end of the story.

So we decided to build our publishing house with the same key tenets.

We value a real proximity with the passionate people; we're perfectionists and fully commit ourselves in all projects. Eventually, we value the French savoir-faire. It's Red Runner's identity.

In 2020, Formula Helmet was the first book published to be by Red Runner, it won the Grand Prix du Festival Automobile International award

Passion is our leitmotiv.

We now work as a complete structure which is able to realize other exciting projects. We’re currently working on several books; one of them concerns Formula 1.

Our raison d’être is simple: offer to each passion the book it deserves.

Why not yours?